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Sharing is a different way to pay for your medical expenses. It is not insurance, it’s a way to share those expenses with a community of other members. Sharing isn’t just good for you and your community, it can save you up to 40% or more per month, compared to the cost of monthly premiums for insurance. 

Get your free QuickQuote for Universal Health Sharing programs and discover the sharing difference. It takes only minutes. 

Why health sharing from Universal HealthShare?

  • Save up to 40% or more compared to traditional monthly insurance premiums
  • Choose from 700,000+ doctors in the Multiplan/PHCS physician and ancillary network
  • Use any hospital in the continental USA
  • Telemedicine is included with every Universal HealthShare program with $0 consultation fees
  • Primary care, urgent care, and specialty care services are immediately available
  • Add a pharmaceutical program with a $5 co-share for a low additional price
Universal HealthShare Plans are closely monitored

Here’s what’s included in your Universal HealthShare QuickQuote

  • Compare monthly contribution amounts for a range of sharing programs with different features and medical expense sharing amounts. Choose the one that’s best for you.
  • Get a quote for yourself and any qualified family members you choose.
  • View optional medical services and program features to understand the monthly financial impact and configure the sharing program that best fits your needs.
Share each other’s health expense burdens

Bonus Offer!

Free COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

We’ll send a free COVID-19 rapid antigen test directly to your home – for every enrolled member in your household – after just two months of membership in Universal HealthShare! Just take a quick nasal swab, and you’ll get results in 10 minutes. There’s no machinery to operate. These tests are shown to be 89%/100% accurate and are approved for individual use by the US FDA.

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