Sharing is an affordable solution
for family medical expenses
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Health care sharing can
lower monthly payments
Sharing can help business employees
who don’t have health benefits
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Eligible health expenses shared with thousands of UHF members

Monthly contributions are up to 40% less than a typical health plan monthly premium

Over 20 health cost sharing programs.

Both in- and out-of-network provider options

Access to telemedicine

A $5 co-share per prescription with RxSimpleShare

No-cost access to the UHF / Curam Wellness Center™ for:

  • nutrition and dietary programs and counseling
  • hospital fee estimate support
  • financial assistance application support for inpatient and major medical events
  • a caregiver support app
  • a digital health assistance app

When Sharing
is Caring.

Universal HealthShare programs are health care cost sharing programs from Universal Health Fellowship. Our programs are faith-based and inclusive, and are built on ethical, spiritual, and religious beliefs, as well as the traditions of community aid, neighborly assistance, and the sharing of burdens. In the simplest terms, we embrace The Golden Rule.

Acceptance into our community is based on acceptance of our Statement of Shared Faith and Beliefs, regardless of denominational or church affiliations.

Whether you are a family or small business looking for affordable health care, consider sharing as the alternative to traditional health insurance. Today, over 2 million Americans have turned to sharing programs as an affordable way to pay for their medical needs. Universal Health Fellowship can help you do so as well.

Health Sharing
Health Needs

Why Sharing
is a Better Way.

Health Care prices and deductibles are rising faster than our income, and traditional health insurance products are offered by huge business interests under a complex web of rules and regulations. The results are clear: many traditional health insurance plans are too expensive for many Americans, leaving them either uninsured or underinsured.

Nearly half of all entrepreneurs and small business employees are uninsured – and many more are underinsured, with low-value coverage that won’t meet their needs. And of all workers with health insurance, 30% are enrolled in High Deductible Health Plans, as more employers shift more cost to employees. Maybe it’s time to consider an alternative to traditional health insurance plans. 

Sharing programs from religious ministries have been around for more than 30 years. Over two million American families and individuals are sharing each other’s medical expenses through such ministry programs. Universal HealthShare programs are an affordable way for individuals and families to achieve better health and wellness.

Our Fellowship
& Our Mission.

The sharing economy, thousands of years old, has its roots in basic community sharing developed to support individuals and their families. And for years, spiritually minded people have shared resources with each other to help others overcome financial emergencies, such as medical expenses. When the government decided to require employers to offer robust health benefits under the Affordable Care Act, small employers with 50 or more employees were excluded. Fortunately, Universal HealthShare programs can help fill that gap, supporting employees of small businesses with affordable health care programs.

With health care cost sharing, many find that monthly member contributions are lower than the cost of monthly insurance premiums. But it is equally important to understand that health care cost sharing programs are not insurance. Instead, they serve a similar purpose and address many of the same needs, but at a monthly cost that is much lower than an insurance premium.

Health care sharing programs differ greatly from insurance in several important ways. Understand the difference and you will be able to understand why sharing programs may be the right choice for you.

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