International No Diet Day

International No Diet Day exists to serve as a reminder, to stop obsessing over the scale and focus on creating a healthy, loving relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU.
International No Diet Day 

As summer comes closer, it’s almost time for a trip to the beach or pool. Unfortunately, many of us fall into thinking we need the perfect “beach body” or need to get “bikini ready” before summer hits. With social media influencers showing off their washboard abs and weight loss advertisements everywhere, it’s no wonder so many of us are self-conscious during swimsuit season.

Many people begin to diet and restrict themselves from their favorite meals and snacks in order to obtain the “ideal” body. But most of the time dieting and restricting leads to more weight gain in the long-term. That’s why International No Diet Day exists. This day serves as a reminder to stop obsessing over the scale and focus on creating a healthy, loving relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU.

No Diet Day began in 1992 under the leadership of Mary Evans. She declared this day this day to help men and women everywhere appreciate their bodies, no matter the size. So how can you practice body positivity? Below are some ideas to get you started:

Positive Affirmations
One of the most effective ways to practice loving ourselves is to say it aloud (and often), especially when it feels hard to be grateful for our bodies. Try some of these:

  • My body deserves love.
  • Food doesn’t have to be the enemy; it can be nurturing and healing.
  • It’s okay for me to like myself. It’s okay for me to love myself.
  • Being skinny or fat is not my identity. I am identified by who I am on the inside, a loving, wonderful person.
  • I choose health and healing over diets and punishing myself.

Think Healthier, Not Skinnier

  • Exercising and eating healthy foods shouldn’t be a punishment. Exercising and eating well is important because your body deserves to be taken care of.
  • It’s also important to remember eating well means eating enough fruits and vegetables in addition to eating your favorite meals and snacks.

Scale Back on Weighing Yourself

  • Checking your weight can become an obsession and the natural weight fluctuations our bodies go through can become a huge source of stress. Consider giving up the scale altogether, recognizing your doctor will let you know if your weight is a problem.
  • If avoiding the scale doesn’t work, try weighing yourself once every few weeks. Better yet, when you feel the need to weigh-in, allow a trusted friend or significant other to check the number. This way, you don’t have to look, and you know someone else is keeping track of it and will let you know if something is wrong.
  • Always remind yourself before and after a weigh-in that the number on the scale is less important than how you feel in your body.

Wear Clothes that Fit

Everybody is guilty of holding on to a pair of “goal jeans” or an outfit you fit into 10 years ago. Use International No Diet Day as your opportunity to let it go. Similarly, if you own a majority of clothes that don’t fit, aren’t comfortable or don’t make you happy, donate or sell them. Clothes are made to fit bodies; bodies are not made to fit clothes.

Use the Time and Energy Elsewhere
Obsessing over calories, dieting, working out, and weight is exhausting and time-consuming. Use that time and energy to do something positive, such as volunteering. Helping others is proven to boost self-esteem and provide deep connection.


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